Advice on direct recording to Wall of Sound setup: Quilter TB202 or incorporate Captor 8?


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I have a Bugera V55 head and 1x12 cab. I have no way to record direct with that at the moment, so I picked up a Quilter Phantom Block a little while ago.
At the time, I didn't know about Wall of Sound, but last week, I discovered it, and tried the Phantom Block with Wall of Sound and I was quite surprised at how good it was. Most of the credit goes to Wall of Sound I think, as the Phantom Block is a very basic analog guitar amp in a box type device.

I was thinking of moving to a more proper amp setup, but to also use it direct with Wall of Sound.

This brought me to two choices that seemed appealing.

A.) Buy a Quilter Tone Block 202, and just run the SIG out into my Focusrite 6i6 into Pro Tools and Wall of Sound. I already like what the simple Phantom Block is doing, so what could go wrong? But I'm a little concerned about using the SIG out, because in FRFR mode, there's no Quilter cab sim happening, but I think you also lose the tone stack amp characteristics that go along with it. There doesn't seem to be a way to keep say, a Vintage voicing on the Quilter, yet direct out of it flat. Then again, I like the Phantom Block into Wall of Sound better with its own Cab Sim turned on, versus off. It just smooths things out better.

B.) Buy a Torpedo Captor 8 and use that with the Bugera V55 head I've got, running into Wall of Sound. This seems like a more straightfoward and traditional way to do it, as I'd be coming out the proper speaker outs, and not being subject to extra shaping coming out of the direct outs like I would with the Quilter. Sound side is I lose the benefits that that Tone Block 202 brings with it, mainly portability. My Bugera head is a beast.

Long story short, I went with option A, but I'm also thinking of picking up the Captor 8 just so I can examine the options. I could also even use it with the Quilter to use it's own speaker outs, but then I'm approaching the cost of a Revv D20, at which point I definitely thing that would be the better move.

But before I go crazy buying more stuff, I wanted to post here and maybe have someone from Two Notes weigh in. Has anyone ever tried the Quilter TB202 with Wall of Sound? What kind of results did you get? Thanks!