"Beat it" with boobs.

Dino 939

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She actually is an "influencer" for
Miami Tan, a tanning bed operation
based in Miami.
She graciously took time out of her social
media drenched schedule, to sit down on a
tanning bed and performed this iconic
piece of music.

Definately a dial tone in bed... the tanning bed.
***once I do ya..I never knew ya***


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lol "influencers".. what a world we live in. I wonder what will be around when my 3 year old is 15. I can't imagine all the social media pressure/messages girls are going to have to grow up with in the future. No wonder mental health and depression related issues are on the rise. Plus on top of that, they have to watch out for being "cancelled"

She played the tune alright though.. whammy work was pretty good feeling wise but her tapping needs work and her vibrato non existent as is the case for a lot of kids who play.


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Hey, but remember, you can’t objectify women. Just support them making a living objectifying themselves. For living in the me too era, between onlyfans, Instagram and stuff like this there’s more whores than ever…lol
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Donnie B.

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What does that even mean? Lol