Bogner 2x12 OS vs Diezel 2x12, or get G12K-100s separately for Bogner cab?


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I just got a Diezel VHX and I like it a lot. I also have a Bogner 2x12 OS cab with V30s that sounds pretty good. I had a chance to try out a friend's Diezel 4x12 front-loaded with K-100s with the VHX when I picked it up and it sounded huge and amazing. I liked it a lot.

While I love the sound of a good 4x12, I don't like the idea of dragging it around with me to gigs and loading/unloading it into my car. The Diezel cab weighs around 100 lbs. I think my oversized 2x12 is a good compromise in terms of sound and portability.

So the question is: is it worth getting a Diezel 2x12 and selling the Bogner cab, or am I better off just grabbing two K-100 speakers to experiment with in my Bogner cab? I don't have room for two cabs as I'm in an apartment and space is limited.

Diezel and Bogner cabs are some of the best cabs you can buy in terms of quality. Judging by Sweetwater's measurements for each cab, the Diezel is almost the same size as the Bogner and 3 inches deeper. I can't imagine that being a huge difference in how they end up sounding.

I'm interested to hear from people that have experience with both. I'm also open to other speaker recommendations.


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Why not play what you have and really get familiar with your set up as is and see if any changes are even necessary? If you aren't going 4x12 then I would personally go with the Bogner 2x12 OS. IMO, that 2x12 cab is the best 2x12 cab in existence. If, after spending plenty of time with your ig as is you feel there is a deficiency that must be addressed then pinpoint what it is and look for that solution. I don't think another cab is necessary at all.


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Rip one of those vintage 30s out of your bogner and throw a creamback in it, my bogner 2x12 sounds incredible.