CAA ML+ vs. Classic Plus

I recently fell in love with an old CAA OD-100 Classic Plus at a local guitar shop. Was seriously blown away by the incredible cleans-- which are some of the best I've heard out of any amp--, as well as the overall super open and uncompressed nature of the amp. The gain channel was also killer with more than enough gain for my needs- if I needed more, I'd hit it with a screamer.

Anyways, I've been seriously considering buying it and making it my main amp... I've been a single channel non-master amp guy my entire life, preferring to get most of my dirt from pedals and running everything out front. But the appeal of having a master, an fx loop, two great channels, etc. is pretty great.

So I'm wondering...

It's my understanding the Classic Plus was developed for Landau, yet I also noticed there was an "ML+" version made.

Can someone please let me know what the differences are? The blurb for both amps seems to be the same from what I've been able to find.

I was able to gather that the ML+ was maybe hand wired (through hole) and used aluminum for the chassis to make it lighter. Can anyone confirm this? And if those are the only differences? Otherwise same circuit?
I owned an OD50 standard. The best I ever had. I just can say that in any variation, these amps are awesome and really a top piece of gear. For your question I suggest to contact directly John Suhr (fill the form on or to Bob Bradshaw at Custom Audio Electronics ( fill the form on They are the 2 gurus who designed the OD amp

Dale B

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The ML+ in stock form has more of a Tweed type of clean channel voicing, and the Classic Plus has more of a Blackface topology. After that, it's pretty much the same. They can make the ML+ with the clean channel from the Classic Plus if you request it when ordering it. If you were to pick up an ML+ used, you can have them change the clean channel on it to the Classic Plus clean.

I loved my Classic Plus. I wish I still had it. It's a beautiful amplifier.