CAB M+ with (Joyo) Hybrid Amp without speaker


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Hi there!

I have a hybrid amp (tube preamp and solid state poweramp, Joyo Jackman). The amp itself can be operated without a load an the speaker output, i.e with headphones.

Can I put the CAB M safely after the speaker out without attaching a cab to the output, or is it possible to damage the unit because of voltage of any kind coming out of the speaker output of the amp or something like that? I d like to use the CAB M as a good sounding headphone solution. Otherwise I' d have to use it in the effects loop send with the power amp sim on, I assume?



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Or to be more specific, if my question wasn't quite good understandable:

Can the CAB- M take any harm from connecting a solid state poweramp (after a tube preamp) to the "amp / line in" jack and connecting nothing into the "speaker out"? I couldn't find any answer to this by using the search function and would like to use it as a headphone solution. I would appreciate any answer, because I bought the unit and I don't want to try it if it can be harmed by any voltages coming out of the speaker out of the amp.

Thank you in advance :)


Hello Sebastian

it depends on the design of the amp. if the amp is able to work with a cable connected to its ouput and nothing on the other side (this is what happens when you connect to the C.A.B M and nothing in the SPEAKER OUT of the C.A.B. M), then you will have no issue. But only Joyo can answer if the amp is designed to work this way. The C.A.B M will not be harm in such operation, but your amp might.


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Hello Dilan,

thank you very much for your answer, my concern was that the CAB M could take harm, the amp works fine without a cab.
If it's also save for the amp to be run with a cable attached and no speaker I hope to hear from Joyo; thank you for the hint, I didn't think it could make a difference if nothing is connected or a cable without a speaker. But I'm glad to hear that the CAB M can't be damaged this way!