Captor X vs. Torpedo LIVE


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Hi all,
I use the Torpedo LIVE live since it is on the market, and I am more than happy.
intheblues just posted his list of best gear in 2020 on YT, and he said the Captor X is even better than the Torpedo.
Well, any opinions on that?
Is it really different tech, and a perceptable better quality?
Thanks everyone, have a Happy New Year,


I recently acquired a TwoNotes Torpedo Captor X. I can't compare both products because I haven't really played their Torpedo LIVE but I must say that I'm very satisfied with all the possibilities of the Captor X. And it's very fun to use.

Now back to your issue... although we're wired to always want more, and that marketing and propaganda are doing their job to make us feel insecure about our rig, I think that if you're satisfied with what you've got and that it does the job, then why you should change? It's not like the sound quality has been improved by like 30% or so. Capacitors and all the details that affect the sound quality have been known about by sound engineers for like 60 years.
Captor X is just a different product (power attenuator, load box, IR loader...) than the Torpedo LIVE. Both are very compact and dense tech and you probably get the same updates as I do with the Captor X. It's not like a sound or tech revolution has happened.
If you're interested, you may post a clip of the sound quality you get in here. I intend to record a video of The Captor X and various profile for YouTube and I can post it here if you're interested. So you may compare both.
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Yes, USofguitars, I agree.
I did watch the original review intheblues did about the Captor X, and what I understood is, that only the 2 XLR OUT and the load box possibilities are different. Just like you said. :)
I was confused as I initially understood intheblues that the Captor X is 'better', and thought he meant also the IR quality, how well it sits in the room (3D) when recorded etc. But that was just my mind going into overdrive. Thankfuly, this is not the case.
Today I would buy the Captor X, simply because it is cheaper and covers all the bases. As I use the Torpedo LIVE exclusively in the studio I am perfectly happy with it.