Check this out, new metal done the old way...

Killer stuff. Check this out if you like Jake era Ozzy, Dio, maybe a bit of old Queensryche and Fates Warning as well. Their album is out tomorrow. :rock:



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That was fucking great.

If I had to be a stickler then they sound a bit too much like Ozzy but who cares, I like it. The higher pitched vocals werent really all that but I was pretty happy to hear this.

I really liked the song and love how they did the solo. I knew it was coming, then I was waiting like ok is the epic solo going to happen and right after I gave up it kicked me in the dick. I just wish the solo and the song were a little bit longer but I want to hear more.


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Music is great. Don't like the FX on the vocals. I think I'd like the singer if he didn't sound like he was trying to be Ozzy, but underwater.


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I like it, sure there are things about it we wont all like but at least its good Metal that isnt your typical screamo stuff.. I like modern metal with screaming but its been done over and over and over again. I really wish there would be a new modern rock/metal uprising of good bands with good singers who can actually sing , they are too few and far between.


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Yeah, guitars, bass and drums are spot on :rock:

Maybe they thought " if we bury the vox in delay & verb, nobody will notice how lame our singer is" :confused:


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Interesting... I kept thinking the singer was going to go into full blown King Diamond style vocals.. i kind of wish he did ;)
Hahaha! Yeah when I first heard the vocals I wasn't really into them. But they have grown on me. I dig them now. I can't imagine the songs being sung any other way.


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Overall I liked it a lot. The initial riff was really cool. The vocals were ok and grew on me. I probably wouldn't choose them if it were my choice to be like that but it works for the song. The solo and the ambient effect on it was kind of blah like the vocal effect. Overall the music was great and I like the riffs and music aspect a lot. Definitely better than most nonsense coming out and worthy of getting.

I am also looking forward to the next Kyng record.


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I also heard a lot of Tate in there mixed with Ozzy of course. I thought the rhythm and song construction was interesting. I dig that. Really did not care for the production in the vocals though. Sounded like he was singing in a cave. Delay and verb are cool and all but that is too much..


Ozzy and ancient Tate sung by old Dane Warrel from Sanctuary/Nevermore?

Most fuzzed-out rhythm guitar tone in a while. But it sorta works here.

I like it. Except it ended really fucking weird.

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Mailman1971":tdtd7uf8 said:
Yeah I heard a lot of Geoff Tate in it.

Exactly! Tate when he does his lower pitched vocals. The upper register stuff was a bit too "screamy" to still sound like Tate but the lower pitched stuff was pretty spot on.