Dan has passed

This is truly a sad, sad day. He was one of the OGs here and always had great posts. He seemed to have the rare gift of being able to look at things with a twisted sense of humor and will be missed beyond measure.
RIP Brother.
He had a great sense of humor and was normal, not like some of the others here. I'll miss his banter, he was the best at it!!! R.I.P. brother, so sad. Sorry for your loss Lyn.
One of the best RTers period. I’m still holding out hope that somehow his account got hacked…..

But if this is real, I am so sorry for your loss Lyn….Dan was truly one of the good ones. He will be missed greatly.
RIP Dan, and enjoy jamming with Steve K! You know they’re up there ripping it up.
I’m sorry for your loss Lyn. I was good online friends with Dan. I’m sorry covid took him from you. RIP Dan. This covid strain going around right now is no joke. I’m 4 weeks in with a cough, runny nose, and just not feeling well.
This is so sad, devastating and just the last thing any of us wanted to hear. The banter with Dan was a huge part of the forum and will be greatly missed. Sorry for your loss Lyn. Dan was THE absolute best.