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I love this thing....sounds aggressive and responsive -- the direct input is great, can't wait to finish my next album!! Details: VHX plus CAB w/ Front Loaded w/G12's -- BV120H has served me well for over 20 years -- once I get a pedal that can do midi, 'bye bye Boss Pedals..." Guitars -- KV2 USA Select Korina King V Custom '#1' (E) -- Jackson Rhoads Concorde V (E)-- Custom Frankenstart (Eb)-- Jackson RR24M (Eb)-- The Franken-Rhoads!! (Custom) (E) -- Charvel Rhoads (Custom) (E)


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Here's my new VHX and Mesa cab, along with my Knaggs Kenai. Good god the VHX is perfect! It's like having a Kemper and a VH4 in one unit. My Kemper in also in the pic along with Line 6 FRFR cabs.


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How do you like the VHX compared to the VH4? Can it get that ch3 tone?
I love both VHX and VH4 but if I would be forced to choose one I'd definitely go with the VHX. Not only is it one of the most versatile and feature-rich tube amps of all times, it does the Herbert, Hagen and VH4 voicing with a flick of a (shape) switch. Does it sound exactly the same as the mentioned amps? No, but it takes the essential elements of these amps and give you an even better interpretation of them.

To answer your question: Yes, it does the VH4 Ch3 thing (Shape 0 with Classic voicing) but with a more modern flavour, meaning even tighter low-end and more clarity in the highs. It's a f***ing masterpiece.

Keep in mind I'm talking about upcoming VHX firmware 4.11 which introduces a huuuge sonic improvement over firmware 3.X.