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fuuuccckkkkkk, i SERIOUSLY wish i hadn't come across this thread... i've been tormented by diezel's since i was a snot-nosed 16 year old 12 years ago... will never forget the first time i saw one at a guitar show. aesthetically it was the coolest damn thing i'd ever seen- and we all know aesthetics are all that matter to a 16 year old-, but then after hearing one i just knew i'd have to own one someday. it's weird, i've had dozens of high end amps to date, but am yet to get a diezel... i always tend to fall into this cycle where i get distracted by other gear, which keeps me from getting what i really want. i need to just bite the bullet already. insane rigs here, guys. damn.


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Thanks to my good friend and coworker Stani from Music Division Bulgaria I was able to get one of the first made Herbert MK3 amps. Along with it I ordered a VH4 :)


Diezel Hagen. I love this setup, so much fun.


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Jacky Thrilla

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Here is my new stack:

Diezel Herbert MkII from somewhere around 2010, equipped with a full set of TAD tubes, and freshly biassed;
Bogner 212C which I modded and equipped with Celestion G12K-100, now it can handle 200W @16Ohms
And my new Pedalboard on which I use the GT-1000 as Multi-FX and MIDI controller for the amp switching.
Everything is connected with a DIY multicore cable into the switchable loop of the Herbert.

Played now 2 times full throttle in the bandroom with thie amp and I just can't stop playing! Sound is soo good. :LOL: :LOL:


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