Dio Live

Saw them around '89 at Festival Hall in Melbourne.

Met Ronnie and Jimmy Bain as they returned to their hotel. Dude I was with insisted he had inside info so the fans waited at the Hilton (I think) and we at this other hotel where we were the only ones.

Interesting conversation. Too much to get into here but Jimmy was severely-blazed and didn't utter a word. :LOL:

Viv was on geetar of course. I've known his ex-girlfriend for 30 years, coincidentally. Chance meeting on the street. Long interesting story too, but hey.

Always loved me some RJD. :rock:
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I saw Dio with Rainbow once; then twice with Sabbath; never saw his solo band back in the day, unfortunately. Never met any of them either.

Great that got to see him live bro'. :thumbsup:

I just got lucky meeting him that night. I hardly knew the dude I went to the concert with; he was the only bloke I knew back then who was interested in going.

Funny thing, he was a huge DP and Rainbow fan. He asked Ronnie the one question he'd been hoping to "all his life" - "What was your inspiration for writing Stargazer?" (his favourite song).

Ronnie does the scratching-his-chin thing as he considers the answer for probably 20 seconds and comes out with this:
"Nothing, really".

You should have seen the look on my mate's face. Priceless. Priceless moment too. :LOL: