ENGL fireball 60 issues... who can help me?


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I have an ENGL fireball 60 head. The amp is 2.5 years old, the pre- and poweramp tubes are 1 year old. I bought this amp used 5 months ago. The seller provided invoices for both the head and the new tubes.

The ENGL sounds truly amazing at low volume. A very big, agressive and tight metal sound.
However, when I crank the amp at band practice (I need to crank it to 50% to cut through in the mix), the sound gets worse instead of better. I can't describe exactly how the sound changes, but it becomes less overwhelming and pleasing to the ear as it does on low volumes.

A second issue is the fact that there is a huge amount of static white noise in the background when I'm not palying. I read online that the Fireball is an incredibly noisy amp. The noisegate in my Boss ME-70 cuts out the feedback but the static white noise remains. This problem occurs on low volumes as well as on high volumes, but gets worse as the volume is turned up.

A third thing, which is not really an issue but is weird, is the fact that a very low volume comes out of the speakers, even when the amp is on "stand by". Is this something that indicates a bigger problem?

The Power Tube Monitor LED's are off.

Can anyone help me solve one or both of these problems?

Some more info:
- Cabs: ENGL 4x12 V60 cab and Harley Benton 1x12 V30 cab. The problem occurs with both cabs.
- Gain is set at 4-6/10
- Bass is set at 5-6/10. Any higher results in the sound getting flubby and not cutting through in the mix. I have a feeling that the EQ controls become less responsive at higg volumes.