Guitar techniques you can't do?

Master of Puppets came out right when I picked up a guitar. I remember trying to play the slow part on "Sanatarium". I wanted to be able to downpick as fast as James.
I did manage to get as fast as James at downpicking by my early 20's, but now at 40, i've slowed down a bit. I guess I just don't play enough, or maybe age? I don't know. It kinda bothers me.
I’m a firm believer anyone can play anything with focused practice. So these things we spoke I think are just not fun to focus on . Like I play 8 string but get annoyed with all the slapping and poppy Tosin does now every song . I like first album better before he started that . So that technique just is not funn when I teach it

I strongly agree with this.
I have a heck of a time doing the aggressive hammerons , pull offs and picking technique Gary Moore used to do . Those patterns he would do then run up and down the fretboard . I do my own take on it but it pales in comparison lol
I cannot play slide worth a damn. I “palm” the slide ala Blackmore- that’s the best I can do. 😀
Me, I can't do pinch harmonics worth a damn. Sometimes I get lucky and hit one, but the only ones I can sorta get are on the unwound strings and they're like semi pinch harmonics. I think it has to do with the way I hold the pick? cause I've watched tutorials and they say to use a part of the thumb that's higher up. Thing is, I hold the pick with the very ends of my thumb and finger so that seems to get in the way of accomplishing this technique.

Also, another technique I can't do worth a damn is sweep picking, but that doesn't bother me as much, cause I don't think it sounds that great. I mean, the way Marty Friedman uses it 9which is sparingly and tastefully0 it sounds good, but the players that just go nuts with it sound like idiots.

I've been playing guitar since 1996!
I use my pinky (choke the string kind of the same time as you hit the note), since i also hold my pick weirdly. I was nailing pinch harmonics well before Zakk showed up!!! ;)
I'm a huge Lynch fan, so I learned those early on
I've thought about it some more....a guitar technique I can't do is dial in my amp to sound like my guitar heroes :(
I can't not string-hop
So that means you string hop a lot? I'm confused.

I would love to be able to master chikin pickin
I can do that Dust in the Wind picking on acoustic. Not sure if that is considered chicken picking or not.

I’m gonna make a vid soon about pinch harmonics, I get them 2 different ways and interchange them frequently depending on what I’m playing. There’s the traditional side-of-thumb method, but how I started was accidental; cupping the whammy bar like Gilmour I’d unintentionally brush my ring finger knuckle against the string and hit a pinch harmonic, I ended up working it into my overall technique and it’s fool-proof 99% of the time on any sting. In 28 years I’ve only heard of a bass player doing something similar where they’d pull up on the string with the forefinger/thumb and use their ring finger knuckle to hit harmonics.
Very interesting indeed.
I'm happy the player did this but I wish the camera was solely on his picking hand up close as the rest of the visual space and guitar are worthless. I can't gallop for ship.
Interestjng. Well learn how to do a triplet from a different video, then just read the tab. I dont look at the fingers. I just listen and look at tab. It is so slow at first, that is when you kind of get a feel. Then the same patterns are just sped up. I dont think it would really help to get up onnhis fingers.
1. I cant stretch my finger for a 6 fret stretch! been trying for 40 years, my hands are just to small no matter what.
2. Sweep picking. Even if I could, I probably wouldn't do it because it sounds cheesy IMO. I have done it by accident and thought it was cool though! LOL