Guitar techniques you can't do?


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Me, I can't do pinch harmonics worth a damn. Sometimes I get lucky and hit one, but the only ones I can sorta get are on the unwound strings and they're like semi pinch harmonics. I think it has to do with the way I hold the pick? cause I've watched tutorials and they say to use a part of the thumb that's higher up. Thing is, I hold the pick with the very ends of my thumb and finger so that seems to get in the way of accomplishing this technique.

Also, another technique I can't do worth a damn is sweep picking, but that doesn't bother me as much, cause I don't think it sounds that great. I mean, the way Marty Friedman uses it 9which is sparingly and tastefully0 it sounds good, but the players that just go nuts with it sound like idiots.

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I hold my pick at a backwards pickslanting angle (ala troy Grady) so my string changes on shred runs are opposite to the way most people play them.

It makes everything I play sound weird, but different. A lot of alternate picking stuff I can play, but it sounds completely different.
It’s very difficult for me to unlock my wrist. Which makes it hard to strum quickly on an upstroke
Of all the techniques I try, most I can pull off effortlessly. However, the one where you play a note and tap a harmonic still eludes me most of the time. I either need more volume, or just to play with it more.
I do a digging method for pinch harmonics. It is easy that way. Just dig and let your thumb hit the string right after. Try it slow. Works every time