Has anyone ever implied that you were not good enough of a guitar player to justify your expensive gear?


Has anybody ever implied that you're not a good enough guitar player to justify owning an expensive guitar or amp? Have you ever thought that about someone else or even yourself? You have - we all have - both ways. Why do we act and think in such a way? Who gets to decide what you are allowed to spend on your hobby, besides your spouse, lol?

I'm here to say that I'm an atrociously mediocre guitar player and I proudly own and play some really expensive gear. If you can afford it, and you want it, get it. Ignore the haters and play what you want!

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Definitely, it’s like a version of imposter syndrome that I try to use as motivation to improve. Maybe it’s more common in the creative sphere? I can’t imagine anyone wondering if they’re a skilled enough driver to own an incredibly nice vehicle.


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Well,…. I bought a Boogie Mark IV used for $600 in the 90s, I’m told it’s worth $2k now, should that change my self perception..? :dunno::LOL::LOL:

I’ll admit to a recent used GMW purchase, being real pretty an all, did made me feel a bit weird having it, for about a DAY…. :LOL:


Definitely, it’s like a version of imposter syndrome that I try to use as motivation to improve. Maybe it’s more common in the creative sphere? I can’t imagine anyone wondering if they’re a skilled enough driver to own an incredibly nice vehicle.
I think you're right because I have nice car and don't give it a second thought. One of my points was practice motivation - "I spent all this moolah, I better play this damn thing!"


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My self imposed rules regarding this:

Beginner hack (or playing like a beginner) with expensive guitars and amps (quantity irrelevant) = embarrassing and pointless
Intermediate player with 1 or 2 expensive guitars and amps each = perfectly fine
Intermediate player with a warehouse of expensive shit = fine as well but the intermediate player with just a few guitars/amps is probably better than you.
Pro/advanced players = anything is fine. You've earned the right to play whatever you want and I don't mean that in a financial sense.


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I think once you get used to the more expensive, quality items, you can't really go back.

I started playing at 15 with a Target-brand Lyon Strat and small practice amp. Used that for years until I upgraded to a Vox VT30 combo and an Epiphone Studio. Used that for years until I got an ESP LTD guitar and a Rockerverb MKII. After I got a real, full-time job I started buying and selling different amps just to try them out and see if I liked them. I'm still doing that today, but I feel like I'm at the end of the journey. I've had a chance to play almost every amp I was interested in. I currently own three amps and three guitars that I like a lot, and they not super expensive.

I view quality music gear as something I'm able to afford and allows me to make the experience of playing guitar better and more pleasing.


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God how I can so easily see both sides of this …

All things are relative, so a legit ‘Marshall’ and an MIM Charvel could easily look like really nice gear to someone playing a squire and a solid state practice amp. And I totally agree with nobody gets to say how anyone else should spend their money.

And at the same time, someone who really has no chops, and no sense of timing or rhythm or feel bashing out noise on an out of tune Anderson plugged into a BE100 Deluxe creates the same visceral response as the 40 hr a week cubicle guy on a Saturday afternoon in the brand new, still-stiff full riding leathers and the brand new top of the line Harley to go with it (with the adhesive from the price tag still visible on the windscreen) fancying himself an honorary member of Hell’s Angels…


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No. I played the same Marshall amp and same couple of guitars for 25+ years (a lot of that pre-internet) before I discovered places like RT and TGP that turned me on to all the fancy shit. I can see someone starting out now falling into that trap though.
I'm fairly sure I would be a richer man if I had never discovered TGP or RT.


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The best players I've known make the cheapest stuff sound just as good as the expensive stuff.
A practical man like my Cowboy Poppop, RIP, would see all of my buying and selling of gear as a most frivolous waste of time.
And he'd be right.
I play and sound the same on a Squier thru a Mesa 50 Cal as I do with a Suhr thru a Friedman or Wizard.
But it's been a fun way of goofing off.


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Everyday I walk by the mirror, the asshole who's always hiding in it when I walk by mentions it from time to time.

At least my wife tells me not to sell shit to get more shit. And does encourage when I want to get something new.
Gear far exceeds my abilities for sure.
Don't give a fuck either.
Something is played every single day.
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I used to be a hater on people who collect a ton of nice shit and don't even play, but I gave up my hate. It's your cash, do what you want. I still don't understand personally having 20 of the same format guitars and 10 virtually identical amps, but hey, whatever. I am broke and give guitar gear away all the time to people that need it...and if I were rich, I would do A LOT more of that. I guess that's why I'm not rich.


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No but I am pretty sure my mother regretted helping me out in purschasing my first half stack considering how shit I sounded, probably should have bought something smaller. I don’t care what anyone buys as long as they use it, letting stuff sit unused is a crime. Luckily this isn’t skateboarding where people are quick to jump on others they deem unworthy.


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But my last band laughed at my gear every gig almost; since it was different than the month before. Lol.
They enjoyed the constant merry go round; esp my drummer who dabbles with guitar and lived vicariously through my gear flipping.
Do what you will with your money. Ya only live once. Enjoy it.
Now, when it comes to a beginner level player owning expensive gear, it’s their prerogative BUT be very careful about putting an out of tune clip on a gear forum, where you bitch about a certain amp builder not returning calls.
Because after hearing your clip, you will be mocked.
Sorry, but tuning your guitar is the FIRST thing taught ANY player. If you can’t get that right, then you get what you deserve.