HW switch between Captor X and cabinet. Safe?


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I just started using the Torpedo Captor X and like it very much. However, I really want to be able to "shut off" the signal path to my cabinet easily. Out of the box, you have to disconnect the speaker cable from the Captor's cab output.

I am guessing that the Captor's cab output connector has a switch, for routing the input signal to the load box circuit.

Is it dangerous for my amp or the Captor if I leave a speaker cable in the Captor's cab output, and placing a HW switch between the Captor and my cabinet?

Will the Captor X handle any voltage spikes when closing/opening the switch? Will it break? Will the amp take the fall?

For home use, it really should have a switch for convenient switching between attenuation or headphone use.


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If a cable is connected in the SPEAKER OUT and the VOLUME switch is set to FULL, then the internal loadbox is disconnected and your amp will be left with no load. Bad.

However, if the VOLUME switch is set to MID or LOW, then the loadbox is connected anyway so it would be safe.

So this is technically possible : switch the VOLUME to MID or LOW and switch the speaker off. But that's not very safe, prone to mis-handling, and outside the normal use of the product, so I can't recommand it.


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Fantastic! I understand that you need to advice against it.

I guess I could find a simple DIY solution that does not allow the switch to being accidentally set to FULL.

Thank you for your quick answer! :thumbsup: