Lovelpedal quesitons Eternity and the Kalamazoo


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Can someone tell me are these different enough to buy. I have an OCD and BB I like but kind of brash. BB is cool but thins the tone. I heard the Kalamazoo sounds exactly like a KLON. I want a bigger tone without being changed and the Kalamazoo sounds like that but then I also want a one for leads with more db or gain?

I play a Shiva.


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Funny timing. I just borrowed and used an Eternity yesterday for rehersal. For me it was awful. Brash is the exact word I used! Couldn't get it off my board fast enough.
Had a Lovepedal fuzz I hated too. I guess I'm not a fan. :no:


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had a kalamazoo , wasn't for me either, sold it rather quick, i keep seeing it for sale as well over on other forums over here in the EU, i think it's the same one being flipper over and over =0

i liked the demos, but i couldn't really gel with it, kind of brittle at least in my setup, depends on the amp i guess

i'd suggest some kind of clean boost to go alongside your other pedals imo, the EP booster is pretty good for that although quite bassy, otherwise i've had good results with an mxr custom modified OD, has a 100hz pot on there to dial in the low end boom too


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Eternity has many, many variants. Almost ridiculously so. The Kalamazoo will give you good response in the mids and should work well for lead tones with your Shiva. It can sound good with more than one setting. I own both the Shiva and Kalamazoo. The Kalamazoo has two or is it three different versions as of late? I owned the gold one and did a side-by-side of the original gold and silver one.


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If you want a bigger tone without being changed......check out the TC Electronic Spark Booster. Amazingly versatile with the Fat/Clean/Mid Boost toggle. I've sold off 7 pedals since I got it......including a BB, Barber DD, and Rocket Fuel.


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I have a Gold Kalamazoo and an Eternity Burst. Agreed - the Burst is a bit harsh with most of my gear, but sounded great with the Star Sirius 30R amp.
The Kalamazoo is almost always on the pedal-board, and is one of my main go-to pedals. I use it "mostly" for a creamy mid-gain or light crunchy setting; preferred that over the fully-soaked gain settings. I use it quite frequently, and sometimes it stays on through most of the gig. Very volume control friendly - adjusts well to clean up or saturate with guitar volume.
I kept the Burst, as it works well for some stuff, but it's mostly in the drawer.


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My Eternity and BB+ have been my go-to stomps for years. The Eternity is anything but brash in my setup. It's very silky and touch sensitive. It can be bright with the bias/"glass" knob cranked but it's a pretty smooth pedal.
I haven't played the Kalamazoo long enough to give a fair description, but from what I heard it was much different from the Eternity.

A very good boost that doesn't suck any low end and just gives your tone a little kick in the ass is Jerry's (Surreal) More pedal. I'm not sure he's even building them anymore. Wish I would've kept mine.