Mezzabarba MZero review


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Just picked up a new Mezzabarba MZero amp and cab and really enjoying it. Quite different than my Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp in so many ways.
Here is a quick demo of it:

The clean channel is quite good even better than the clean channel of the Bogner Uberschall and most high gain amps. I have to try boost and fuzz pedals in it to see how well the FX loop works on the amp. If I boost the clean with more gain we can do classic rock easy.

But the main star and reason why we buy this amp is the overdrive gain channel! It gets into modern metal easy with gain at noon and treble high and set bass noon. I like the bright and boost switches a lot they tighten things up a lot without using an external boost/OD pedal which is not needed here.

Solos are liquid nirvana that is where the amp really shines so melodic and singy quality better than any other high gain amp that I have played. I tested with Orange 412 cab and MZero cab and like the MZero cab better. I scored a good price on the amp/cab which cost me way less than other high end amps like Diezel and Wizard.