Mobile application mic/cabinet selection [hidden feature?]


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[Spoiler: swipe the screen to the left]

As you know, microphone selection, placement, and axis on the Cab M are all essential parts of the final sound.

I've been using the mobile app on Android exclusively for this, as it is not very practical to plug my PC + USB cable where I play. I have used the PC app, and it's fine, just not practical for me.

I've been adjusting mics using the Distance and Axis buttons and getting everything I needed that way, but I *just* discovered that if you SWIPE the mixer screen to the left, you get the "studio" picture where you can move the mics more intuitively and really see what you are doing. You can also switch cabinets. I have not seen this documented, and it took me two weeks to find it by accident. :) Thought I'd share in case I'm not the only one living in the dark.

Life's good, enjoy your Cab !!!