My new Dirty Shirley arrived!


I just got my new Dirty Shirley on Saturday! I really love this amp, the tone controls are very effective and voiced just right. I find myself using the low sensitivity input the most with pedals like the Fulltone OCD and a MXR Eq in front. The high sensitivity input also sounds great.
I tried it with a bunch of diffrent speakers like the Scumback M75, H75, BH75 and Celestion V30's and I prefer the BH75. My next test will be with the Scumback Scumnico and S75PVC.
As far as guitars, any my guitars that I plug into i, sounds great. I used my 2012 PRS Custom 24 with the 59/09 pick ups, a custom Warmoth Strat with PRS 59/09 on the bridge and WCR Darkburst on the neck and got great tones! I also tired a couple of Strats and the tone was beautiful!
I wish they would offer a 100 w version which I though they had by looking at the website, but I called and I guess they're not making them.
Once I become more familiar with the DS, I'll post some samples since I don't see that many. Dave you're the Jedi Master of guitar tones!!!!


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I can do the 100 watt on a custom order bassis. Not a problem.
Ooops to late! I can't bring myself to sell this one because it sounds so awesome!LOL!


MIchbiking":3idqnrkh said:
Sweet- !!! Congrats !!!
- can't wait for mine !!!
Thanks! I see that you have a Suhr PT100 on order. That's another great amp I have, but it sound very different from the DS.


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The Dirty Shirley rocks!
I love 100w amps and won't have it other way but this amp just sounds special in the 40w that it is.

I talked to Mark Day about this specifically when I bought the amp and he recommended the 40W version too...