NAD: Carol-Ann Triptik 100

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Posted this in the Main Thread,
also Thought it belonged here. :rock:
Carol-Ann Triptik 100
and Simply put...It's the Tone in my Head.
Harmonics just jump out of this's pretty Incredible!!!!!
This is what a Hot Rodded Amp should've sounded like.
Notes Just BLOOOOM and the note separation is Amazing.
Chords are Thick and Ring out, Bottom is Chunky with Punch!
Need more time with her but I'm Impressed with the
Tone and Over the Top Build Quality....THIS WILL BE
Here's a Shot of my two current Stable Mates
and I LOVE them both. :rock:




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Killer amp man! I'm having the same experience with my trip r. I don't even think the tone in my head was as good as this amp.


I think I own this particular triptik now :D . I would say it is in modern hot rod Marshall range of gain; not full engl or recto sizzle, just really strong drive. It's always defined and crunchy, doesn't mush up too much (the bass frequencies stay especially defined), and the power section is pretty bold. You really have to consider how the power amp and the preamp work together in this amp.


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Any more Triptik owners out there that can comment? I heard my first Carol-Ann at Austin Guitar House over Christmas, and now I'm gassssing.

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I have a Triptik 2. I play in a metal band and an indie band. The clean is simply the best I’ve ever heard. The gain channels get plenty of gain for metal, but never gets fizzy. Just ‘more’ of that great CA tone. The mid control is very important.


This is a dream amp for me. I love the Carol Ann models in Axe-Fx so I’m making the assumption I’d love the actual amps too.