New Torpedo Cab M buyer question


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I am currently carrying a amp with me everywhere I go but now it is so heavy and don't want to carry it everywhere.
If i purchase the cab m will I be able to just put it at the end of my chain and directly go into the mixer via xlr out? or do i need one of those load boxes connected in the "speaker out"?

guitar -> pedalboard -> cab m "amp in" -> xlr output -> mixer/pa


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Your scenario is perfect. That is precisely what I do with mine, at home, rehearsal, and gigs. You can either have a preamp on your pedal board, or use the one in the Cab M+. If you are not using your real amp, no need for a load box. For gigs, I use the setup you describe with a lightweight powered speaker (like a small stage monitor), then into the PA. It makes things very easy to carry around. Best of all, I have found that the sound is identical everywhere I go, which helps immensely.