NGD: itsgoodnow's Les Paul standard silverburst


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What a great guitar buying experience.

@itsgoodnow gave me a great deal, and I'm head over heels.



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Interesting - I don't think i've ever seen an edgeburst silverburst before

Also, mad love for DSII :love:

Did you see they finally put out the release date for Elden Ring today?? Jan 21st, 2022 :love::love::love:


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I like the edge-burst and can honestly say the finish looks great in person. I have 2 other Gibson Silverbursts (including a Les Paul custom) and this is every bit as good.


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Congrats! Just got another Les Paul myself! Love the DS II in the back BTW

I know it gets a bad rap, but I think some of the best weapon movesets in the entire series are the DS2 santiers spear and drangleic sword.
I like that finish better than most SB I've seen.

Same, I really like the edge-burst; just makes it a little different and "my own" than an Adam Jones sig or something.