Old V30 with an MC90


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I used to have a straight-backed 4x12 cab loaded with Vintage 30 speakers, which I loved with my Mesa/Boogie MarkIV. But I started to get sick of the V30s when trying to blend it with other amps.

I sold the V30 cab and have two old Marshall cabs with other speakers in it, loaded with MC90s, ElectroVoice 12S 200 watt speakers, and WGS ET-65s.

However I found an old Vintage 30 speaker in the house, and have been trying to sell it on eBay. But, I'm starting to wonder about 2x12 cabs.

Would it be worth taking down the V30 from eBay, and get an MC90 speaker to run with it, 8 ohms per side, in a straight-backed closed-back 2x12 cab, with my MarkIV?

I'm thinking of sitting it on top of my Roland Jazz Chorus 120 combo amp, and run the Slave Out from that amp into the effects return of the Jazz Chorus. When I want the chorus stuff, I can switch it on and the effect will mix in the air as the angled speakers point up towards the straight trajectory of the 2x12 cab's speakers, but because there's effectively 3 'dry' speakers with one 'wet' speaker, the effect won't sound too washy?

How would the V30 and the MC90 blend?