On The Road & Back with Peter Frampton


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From June 22nd

Yesterday we spent the day with the fine folks who are out on Peter Frampton & Steve Miller tour. It's an amazing show with top quality musicianship, amazing songs & a stunning array of cherry-picked vintage guitar gear. I'm a gear head & being able to look through Peter's rig was a true pleasure. Both Steve & Peter have amazing guitars on tour but there were (2) that personally spoke to me. The '54 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty that is pictured on the album cover of 'Frampton Comes Alive' is on tour & being played every night as is the '62 Gibson SG that Peter used in Humble Pie.

Naturally the older Modded Marshalls Jose A Modded for Peter, Dumble Modded 68' Fender Deluxe, Leslies, vintage effects & more were to die for. A very special thanks to Peter Frampton who's incredibly funny, gracious & extremely talented, Aidan Mullen who is Peter's Guitar Tech (much love to you friend) & the entire touring crew for both Frampton & Steve Miller. It was a true pleasure in every way & great for the soul. Peter's ears are incredible & its always inspiring to talk shop with someone who has the same ears, love of gear & passion for tone. - Trace Davis, President / Founder

Photo credit wncy