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I bought some cabs and it came with some presets. The instructions were: "To load them in your Torpedo hardware, use Preset Manager in Torpedo Remote to browse your hard drive and drag the presets directly into the Torpedo’s internal memory."
I have the files from my hard drive but I am not sure how to drag them into my presets. Can anyone give me a hint? I drag but they don't seem to want to drop.


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Interesting- I just got a 2nd hand Cam B and I tested this while looking for another issue solution. I can drag presets directly from one side to the other of preset manager with no problem on mine. I can even drag presets from the other devices that they have in the preset directory (weird- do the other device presets like Captor X and Sono work on a cab M? ) I did get some with 'errors' of sorts where I get a message prompt that says I don't have that cabinet so the preset will load with a default cabinet. Do you get an error or anything?