Question about wall of sound and Logic Pro


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I'm running my guitar in to DI of Audient ID4 and Logic.
Normally I would choose a Logic amp and cab but now I playing with IRs and wall of sound.
My question is do I still have to choose a Logic amp and disable the cab?
Or No amp and no cab.?
And then use the power amp of wall of sound ?
I'm new at this IRs and wall of sound and tried all options but would like to know which one is best.



Treat it like a real amp if you aren't sure. Run your amp VST with the cab disabled. Put WoS next in the effect list and disable the power amp sim. This would be the same as an amp head plugged into a cab.

If you run the amp sim VST as a preamp without its own power amp, you can enable the power amp sim in WoS.

The main point here is to use a preamp, poweramp, and cab. If you want to parallelize anything, parallelize like you would a real amp. Plug a power amp into 2 cabs. Or plug 2 preamps into a mixer before the poweramp. Or just run 2 totally separate amps in parallel.

Of course you can do more things if your ear likes it. But start simple.
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