R.I.P. Steve_k

Dino 939

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The dude of all dude's.
About one month before Steve passed,
he welcomed me to visit his parents who
live in Sun City Center, Florida.
I was gonna LIGHT UP their yard with plants.
One of my companies was
"Painting With Plants" and I was gonna
blow that property up man but he passed
right before I had the opportunity.
No, he did not hire me, but I was bringing
the squadron with trailers of plants, mulch,
aluminum border edging and all the irrigation firepower I had regardless; to truely show
respect & appreciation for how he treated me
over the years.
Who in the f*** sends you amps in roadcases and tells ya to keep the case?
SOLD dude.
THICK country boy accent.
RIP Bossman.


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Classy guy! I remember buying a McNaught from him I had owned twice before. He probably thought I was crazy, until I sent him a pic and he compared the flame. RIP

Les Zombie

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One of the best guys ever, i miss talking to steve, i still have a couple guitars i bought off of him, i wished he was still with us, haha i miss steve always asking me if i will sell him my les pauls or talking about KL explorers.


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Always joked about his hedge of Marshall’s compared to Dave’s wall of Marshall’s. He was good people - spoke to him in PM a lot back in the day. I do think of him often logging on to the forum - he really was a part of this place. Great taste in gear and had the best of the best. Forever missed, RIP.


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I remember lurking here back in 09/10 as I started buying/selling modded Marshall’s; Steve was always posting on any and all flavors of them, I got some good tonal synopsis from reading his reviews. When I finally joined, and a couple years later scored a SRG 2C I knew to ask Steve (and Dave) about what tube preferences he had. Of course, he was right on the money with his advice.
RIP Steve K
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Steve was a good dude, no doubt. Gave me a few killer deals that I ALWAYS passed along to the next guy to keep the good mojo going.
I know he had every amp known to man, but the one I remember most was a Bogner modded Marshall. Wonder what happened to that one? Would love to have owned that one.
RIP Steve.

Rufus Leaking

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Bought a specific original version Uberschall years ago based on his statement that it was the best Uber he had ever heard, and was not disappointed. I still own and love that amp. RIP Steve.

Monkey Man

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Thanks man. I knew you were in but not what for.

Steve said it was 8 hours' drive to get to your joint otherwise he would've been there like greased lightnin'.