R.I.P. Steve_k

Dino 939

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Dude sent me an amp. For free.
Miss him a lot man. His private amp group on fb we were in was a haven from the internet cess. F Cancer.
That was a great group.
Steve's word was titanium.
If he sold me an amp and spewed the usual:
"If you decide to sell it, contact me first to buy it
You better remember him!!!
EVERYTIME, he bought back the amps for the going price at that time and sent them in
those free road cases!!

HELL YEAH my niggas'!


He gave me a esp custom shop kamikazie as a gift. Told me pay it forward my friend.
That same day I gave my best friend / drummer a older Kramer Barretta and combo amp since he was always bugging to learn guitar too.
Good vibes. I miss shooting the breeze with him daily. Last thing I got from him was he sent me a pic of him laid up in the hospital. Said ‘fighting the good fight’

He passed a few days later.


Wow! Just read about Dan (Mailman1971) passing and someone mentioning "Steve" had died also!
When I searched, I see it's Steve K (Steve-k)!
I further see the last posting for Steve_k is by Dan (Mailman1971)!!! :O
Wow, is that a weird coincidence!
RIP to the both of them. :(