R.I.P. Steve_k

I miss him too.... He (we) started the Facebook Soldano Legacy Page and he handed over the reins (Admin duties) to me a a month or so before he died.

I still have our last FB Messenger conversations...and won’t delete them.

Wow i am stunned. RIP Steve. I havent been here in a while so I am just processing this.

Now I am going to play the Snorkler he originally commissioned from BFG. ??
I had an US$10.000 offer here in Brazil, but it isn't going anywhere.
This is the last batch with the black PCP as the first ones and there is a dedication to Steve King from Mark Cameron on it.
I was lucky enough to end up with his favorite Uberschall of all time - which I plan on holding on to 'til the end of my days. The man knew tone...
One of my favorite dudes.
I called him "Bossman".
I've worked for myself for 31 years and
don't call anyone my boss.
With that thick good ole' country boy accent...
He always kept his word.
If he said "before you decide to sell that amp,
sell it back to me." Legit everytime.💯
He' sent me amps in road cases twice and told me to keep them.
I lost 4 family members last year including my
Grandmother and Mother 2 days apart.
Also a dear friend and bass player I knew 28 years..the kind where when we'd jam I never looked at his hands and if either of us slipped on a note we could cover each other. Instinct.
He died of a not so serious blood cancer.
All was well and then his count went off..
1 month later he passed.
We are fragile mortals.
Love you Bossman🙏
Well shit. I've been away from RT for a long time only to drop in and see this terrible news. Over the years I bought a red SLO and a pre-production CCV signed on the back plate by Mark and dedicated to Steve. Someone else mentioned that their CCV has the same treatment. Steve certainly went through the gear! Always straight up and honest, he was. And that's the way it should be. I think I'll crank up both amps in his honor tonight.