Robert Fripp plays Metallica...


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Seems bizarre and trashy for a senior citizen to emotionlessly bang out metallica while his wife bellows at the camera and shows off her obviously cheap tit job.

It feels like they were going for something artistic or whatever but it just comes off as attention-seeking, and it's about as easy to watch as a mom & dad rapping at their kids about how it's cool to brush your teeth.

Like we get it. Your wife is completely insane, so yeah she's probably great in bed or whatever, and yay good for you if you're just looking for a blowup doll to hang out with, but the fact that you're making videos like this and making them public just shows you've clearly lost control of the situation, and that her insanity is overflowing into your life, proven by the fact that you think this batshit garbage is good and appropriate to show to people.

"Good luck buddy" is about all you can say, really.
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In a store. You glance at her tits nipples busting out. She walks over slaps you. ‘What you looking at pervert?!??’ 😅
It’s was different and cool at the same time. Music never dies.