Rocky George is seriously underrated...


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I've been into Suicidal Tendencies since High School. It took me a while to really realize it but Rocky is amazing. His solos specifically are just insane. I love the feel and melody he incorporates into them.

I just listened to "Which Way To Free" from Art of Rebellion. That solo is so good. "Give It Revolution" solo(s) is also another favorite of mine.

Rocky seems to have fallen off the map for many years. It's too bad, I'm sure he was capable of more great ideas.

Good example here:

This video is old but it's also a good cover:

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ST is awesome and Rocky is absolutely underrated. Always loved his lead in HWILT.

A lot of people also forget that Robert Trujillo was tearing it up in ST long before Metallica
Yes RG is a serious badass. He often solo‘d throughout entire songs, never repeating himself and with incredible technique. I can’t believe he’s currently wasting his time with the Cro-Mags, ugh.
Rocky is incredible. For getting into them, as said above, Lights Camera Revolution if you like a more polished metal sound. My favorites are definitely the first self titled and the 2nd, Join The Army. But these are a more raw and the first one is more punk/early hardcore than metal. Some metal creeps in on Join the Army but still a punk/ hardcore record. I still remember seeing the Join the Army LP cover in the record store back in the 80’s and just loved it. Bought the album (my first ST experience) just for the cover…lol
I’m not sure who played the leads on the first album (maybe Grant Estes) as there were a few guitarists in and out of the lineup around then, but they rip as well. Pretty different back then when that was not common in punk or hardcore to actually be able to shred.
Seriously under rated band as well! They have stood tall with what they believe in without compromise after all these years. A lesson in life to be revered!
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When I saw them long ago. I wasn’t sure how to think of them. Aggressive. Metalish. This was like the breaking of the hair band years.
Really no access to newer music back then. MTV was about it where I lived. They rocked though.
I don't think RG is underrated. I never met a single person who did't say he's great. He is just unknown to the mass, same as ST probably.

Apart from the classic albums already mentioned, I also liked Suicidal For Life.