Semi Rare Gear...Mountain Amp


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Finally got around to doing some photos of my Mountain Amp. The now defunct company was based in Vancouver and made small amps with wood cabinets, mostly maple. This one was supposedly made for a NAMM show and features a solid Koa cabinet. Never seen another.

Here you see the vast control center, a volume knob. That's it. You can do a lot with it by using the guitar tone and volume. One of the hallmarks of these amps is that they just make it louder and add little to what the guitar produces.


Here's the back showing preamp and speaker out jacks. It will easily power a 12" cabinet if needed.

And, its most unique feature. It is powered by a 9V battery.


Very surprised no one has picked up these designs to start production. Very clean little amps for acoustic or electric and far better than most of the portables around now.