So EVH used a 1x12 on VH 1?

It looks like it's coming up to the bass player's mid-thigh, and Eddie is standing on a riser or something, closer to the camera.

Looks like a 4x12 slant cab to me.

Even the cab's handle placement and size matches up with what it looks like on a 4x12.


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Not sure if I'm buying into to the proposed theory. To me it just looks like a parallax issue regarding the angle of view making a 4x12 cabinet look smaller.

I guess anything is possible... I think more a revelation was the released video of the 78 tour gig where Ed. had about 5 Fender Bandmsters on the stage with 12301 all of them are turned on. He was to be reamping either with just the Bandmsters or one or two Superleads, either way that live show was as exact a match to VH1 amp tones live no studio trickery.


If the black round corner is really the handle, don't think is 4x12.
Look a bit short too; even without the wheels seem too short for a 4x12.


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That's an old vid, same guy did another vid a few days later and essentially said " maybe I got a little too excited". His vids and time recreation are fun to watch though. He really goes to lengths to try and get as close as he can without breaking the bank.