somebody jump on this!!


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A CCV owner once told me long ago directly in PM that they aren’t worth the prices they’re going for now and that was back in the $5k range.

Spend the money on a Bogner pandora instead if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and thank me later. Or hell grab a 90’s bogner XTC and boost the blue channel and save $7k.
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When I read jump on it I imagined some sane price and was going to notify my friends via a call. Then I clicked hehe

But thanks for the notice. If you someday find a 2c+ at the price you got yours, grab it for me without hesitation :)
🤣 As a previous CCV owner I’m telling you it’s just another amp. There’s way better amps that are readily available for a third the price.
Examples? I would never buy that amp, at that price. But I would like something in the same category. I don’t really have anything like it.
I played one for a while way back when BK and Cameron were working on their deal together. They had an amp fest / summit thing happening on the floor of a hotel in the valley. Really nice amp that feels pretty special under the fingers. I understand that they are elusive creatures that are somewhat sought after by gearheads...But I wouldn't pay more than 3K. For me personally, I have played / owned a handful of amps that I prefer over the CCV.