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I've been making my own slow cooked bolognese sauce for years using
a slab of brisket that you'd normally smoke ground up by the butcher instead.
That and some sliced up bacon...... not to brag but it's killer.

Hope this isn't breaking any of the 'Southeastern USA Brisket Rules & Regulations'.

Almost forgot:

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BBQ in Texas is brisket.

Smoked 12hours, wrapped in peach paper, and cooked 8 more hours @ 225F until tender which is around 200F internal temp.

This melts in your mouth, and that fat is rendered so nice it just dissolves while eating. This you do not put fucking sauce, or ketchup on. BBQ sauce is for bad BBQ.

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OH SHIT SON !!!!! THAT LOOKS GLORIOUS! What spices did you use for the rub? and what did you use to spray it with? some people swear by doctor pepper, and some swear by apple juice/cider vinegar mix.