Tone 5150 III 2X12 vs. V30 2X12


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the 5150 has the 30 watt heritage speakers. How would this sound compared to say a bogner OS 2X12?


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I had an EVH quad, Bogner O/S 2x12 (V30) and a V30 loaded quad when I owned my 5153. I didn't like the V30s' with it. There's a realy annoying frequency in the 5153 which the V30s' seem to pronounce.


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For smaller shows I use a Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 cab with V30's with my 5150 III. It sounds pretty descent. Not as good as the EVH 4x12 cab but nobody in the crowd is going to know the difference. I just orderd the the EVH 2x12 cab. It's on backorder but when I get it I'll let you know how it sounds.


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I thought that the EVH 2x12 came with V30s? Gonna try my drummer's Peavey 5150 cab with my 5153 tonight at practice. The head sounds good with my V30 loaded Recto cab, but I think it could sound better with a speaker that doesn't push the top end as much. I'll let you know what I find out.


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I have a 4x12 w/v30s. The Heritage 30s have more punch and suit that amp more. I dig it more than the EVH 4x12 with the 20watts....