Van Halen tribute band 1st album played in entirety You have to check this guitarist out.....



The singer is ok, no worse than DLR these days LOL but the guitarist's playing and tone is spot on..... I'm The One is especially good...
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love hearing guys live that can play Ed's stuff. and this dude can swing it like it was meant to be swung.

It may be a KPA...they (IMO) sound that good, especially when mic'd or Direct...especially when you have a quality profile


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At least he could hide the Kemper & turn the power light on the Marshall lol.
But after a few drinks & a fatty nobody knows what your playing anyway.
Glad i got to see Van Halen in their prime anyway.


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Pretty good Ed tone... even if it is Kemper it has most of the characteristics of VH1 tone. The band was quite good.

I would venture to say this was Kemper going direct to the house board, I don't hear any of the live artifacts that you get with live micing an amp.

Kind of what we heard with the Accept Kemper clips, while it sounds great it all just a too perfect facsimile IMO and not raw dimed plexi tone with all it's warts and idiosyncrasies.


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Guy is a killer player and that might be the best EVH cover band tone I have ever heard.


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Victim5150 gets an awesome live sound with his AxeFxIII direct to the board. The Kemper model has the perfect Sunset Sound reverb echo delay models that make this Kemper sound so spot on to the album tone IMHO.

This Kemper sounds like I am listening to the amp on the album or as close as you can get.

You need to check out Al Estrada's vid clips with him playing a slaved Suhr SL68 reamped with a Matrix it sound absolutely awesome as well and it is alive mic'd amp.


I got a black white frankenstrat that was made from a builder in Australia. Can’t remember where I got it from. Think a member here.
things legit. Great clip.

here is a pic of it.


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It's crazy to me how many guys spend TONS & TONS & TONS of their time trying to emulate another guy's playing.
Definitely not trying to start an argument, but why would the motivation really matter? For every 1 Ed (or Vai, or Satch, or name your guy...) there are a million others with with massive love for the music and energy those few have created - but no fountain of that creative ‘gift’ where original music came from. For every Mozart there are a million Salieris. If someone is having fun and is excited about music, I really don’t care if it all relates back to their first Beatles album, or their first VH album, or their first Malmsteen or Racer-X album. Go. Play. Enjoy.

Just think the TONS & TONS & TONS of folks who have 5x more money in their gear and can’t play 1/2 as well as some of the EVH, SRV, Etc ‘Tribute’ players out there. And those folks owe no apologies to those with far more talent and far less budget.

At the end of the day, its music, its art, its expression, its inspiration. Envy and jealousy are evil bitches. They will rob you of your joy for life.