VHX vs VH4 + Axe-FX III

Hey everyone,

Happy VH4 owner here. I was looking to buy another amp like a Wizard MTL MK2 or Herbert MK3 but I was made aware of the VHX soooooo here I am. I am already starting to get some GAS for the VHX after watching videos and hearing about it.

I am strongly debating selling my VH4 and Axe-FX III for a VHX. I still own a FM3 and if I needed more effects, I could pair the FM3 with the VHX. VHX owners who use effects, is there any downside to this other than maybe a little more limitation in effects? Give me your thoughts, please!

Currently I am running the Axe-FX III in 4 cable method (4CM) on the VH4. The VH4 is not super fond of the 4CM so I've had to use some hum eliminators on it and it's a little more complicated with all the wiring. However, I do have access to a ton of effects, which I like to have... but I also have a tendency to get kind of lost in the Axe-FX and avoid using it because of "analysis paralysis". I feel like the VHX might be more to my liking in its simplicity to add effects and do hands-on-the-fly tweaking. Although, one downside is it does not seem like there is any external editing software for the VHX.

Lastly, how does the VHX compare to the VH4 in tone? I have Ruby EL34B-STR tubes in mine and love it.

Thoughts? Opinions? Am I going to lose tone and effects quality with the VHX or will I not lose anything and it will be an upgrade in simplicity and options with the Diezel amp options?



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As far as effects go, the VHX has all I need and then some. If too many options and endless tweaking was an issue you experienced with the Axe-Fx III then I think the VHX will really help you plug in and play without being too limiting. Now, that said, I am not a big effects user. Mostly just a noise gate and some delay and reverb for cleans and leads. I don't need more than what's in there myself but given my limited need and thus limited experience with in-depth effects programming, I don't know what the likelihood is that you'll be totally satisfied with them. I do know that the quality of the effects is good though. I don't foresee any issues with using your FM3 to get a little more options either. I have a friend that uses his Helix with his VHX and is extremely satisfied.

The VHX is the only Diezel I've played, but I can say I can get the sounds that I expected to get out of the VH4 and the Herbert based on demos I've heard of each amp. Others who have owned both tend to say the VHX can absolutely get the VH4 sound as well, so take that for whatever it may be worth to you. As far as I can tell based on your needs and the flexibility to integrate the FM3 into it if necessary, the VHX will be an upgrade.
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