Vox AC30 with the Captor X


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Hey there,

So I have an AC30C2....the one with greenbacks. Love it! Master volume does a nice job taming it....but my question concerns using it with a Captor X. On the back of the Vox are two jacks, one for an extension cab and one for an external cab and an Ohm switch: 8 or 16. Is my thinking correct that if I connect the Vox to the Captor X via the external speaker jack and choose 8 ohms then the impedance match will be ok??? Also, using the external jack silences the internal speakers of the Vox. I know that I could run the Vox into the Captor X the usual way and more than likely things would be just fine. But I'm just checking my options.




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Hi chappie69,

if the original speaker in the combo is 8, it's safe to say that you'll be just fine with he Captor X on the ext output. Please take a look at the amp manual just in case.