What 5 Production Amps would you buy if you won the lottery?


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forget what you already have and love, if price was no matter what are the five amps you would buy? also - please list 5, even if you only want 1 or 2 - think of it as you HAVE to buy 5 - curious as to what the "short list" amps are for members here

first guy to answer "dumble" loses their rig talk privileges

in no order:

Matamp GT120

Friedman Deluxe BE100

Fender BF Bassman

Marshall JCM 800 (vintage)

tie- either freyette deliverance or a diezel vh4


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  1. Landry G3 LS 100
  2. SLO-100
  3. IIC+
  4. Omega Granophyre
  5. Matchless Chieftain
I could probably cover just about everything with that.


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Wizard MTL
Custom Driftwood (Worst Nightmare ever)
Custom Monomyth (Bone breaker)
Custom Ground-zero (Thermobaric)
....names in parentheses are just my one-off stupid ideas.

Edit....this list is in addition to my current stable.
I would not remove the top five I already have for any of these.
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1963 Marshall Split front Coffin Logo JTM45
Monomyth Skeleton Key v2
Fortin Bones w/MIDI
1980 Fawn JMP 2203
Mesa Mark IIC+ Coliseum

I already own or created most of my dream amps. Out of the list above, the SK2.0 is the least rare.


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'69 Super Lead
'64 Vibroverb
Deluxe BE-100
'59 Bassman
My sleeper pick - Germino Club 40. This is a weird one, but the best live tone I ever heard from anyone came from one of these. could have been pure luck in the moment, but what the hell, I'm rich because I won the lottery right?


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5 Kempers (kidding)

1) Bogner Uber Green
2) Diezel VH4 Blue Face
3) PRS MT-100
4) Fryette Ultra Lead (New Version)
5) KSR Colossus


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In no particular order:

Friedman BE100 DLX
Bogner Helios 100
EVH 100 EL34
Mark II Coliseum

(thought about going Blades Firebolt, Kruse Disruption, …)


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JP2C, ‘84 JCM800, Rev C Recto, block letter 5150 (I refuse to pay what the prices are now unless I win the lottery, I should’ve kept mine), and idk probably check out a Wizard or KSR (whatever the rack Colossus is called). I already have a great AC30, so that list would scratch most of my itches.


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I was in a rather famous local forum about a decade ago, and I guy had a Matamp GT head...total garbage, sounded like wet arse and was assembled just as bad
My bassist in my doom band has a Green (Matamp) GT150 and an Orange AD200. The Matamp is a much better build than the Orange.

Perhaps this was an American one? They had problems with them, and have since cut ties.


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Wizard MCII
Monomyth Skeleton Key
Ground Zero Hellion
Fryette UltraLead (new version)
Diezel Hagen


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My 5:

-Science Mother
-Verellen Meatsmoke (no longer in production though)
-Mesa Badlander
-Matamp (Green) GT2
-Diezel Hagen