What strings do you prefer for low tunings?


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I have a guitar that I keep in drop C or drop C standard tuning. What string gauge do you all prefer for these lower tunings?


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I depends on the scale length for me. For drop C with 24.75 scale I like 11-54 or 56. If it's 25 to 25.5 scale, I also like 11-54 but can make do with a 52 if need be.


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I use 9-42's for drop C and above on 25.5 guitars. I use 9-46 for the same tunings, but on 24.75 guitars.


Daddario makes scaled up 10-52 sets which are great for drop tunings. The 12-60 or the 11-56 set would both be great depending on how much string tensions you like.


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Do thicker strings necessarily have more tension? Im not talking across brands but just sticking to daddario....if i use 12-52 can i find thicker strings that have the same or lower tension?? Especially on the thicker strings, i would love going back to thick strings but get pain on the wrist sometimes...but i really miss the tone :/


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GHS DYL are the absolute best for me :) for Drop C and/or Drop Bb.


They are hard to get here now so I just buy 12's when the store is out of DYL.

I think you should check out one of the tension calculators. Figure out where you like your tension that you have now and go from there.

I guess there is a "proper" tension but to me the feel is more important and the sound is not very noticable unless you are just flubbing all over the place.


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We play B to B on standard necks and we use 62-13 strings. Though I know some guys prefer more tension these are perfect for me.

For C to C I would use 56-13 but no lighter if you don't wanna hear slack in the low C.

Toni RedGrave

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I used to be into thicker strings, cause of the way they held tune and that I could beat on them(I'm mostly a rhythm player). Now, I'm using lighter strings, only because I've been trying to get better at lead'ish playing, and 12's and higher were beating up my fingers.

So for anything from E to C I use 10-52, for drop B I use 11-54 and A#/A I use baritone lights like 12-63.

All of my guitars are 24.75" scale.


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I agree with a lot of the folks above. Depends on the scale length. On a gibson, I tend to prefer the 10-52 sets for drop c# or drop c.