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    Which Uber version for Cantrell/AIC tones?

    I'm really interested in getting an Uber to cover heavy high gain tones. I've got an XTC Classic (which I love and isn't going anywhere) but it falls just short of the huge modern high gain tone. I'm a huge Cantrell fan and really dig his heavy tones... so which version did Jerry use to...
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    FS: Egnater MOD50 & Matching StoneAge 4X12 You know you want it! :rock:
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    What your heaviest sounding mod for a Randall/Egnater module

    Yo Dave, what is your heaviest sounding mod for a Randall/Egnater module? I'd love something with an Ubershall type of vibe. Or maybe your APC mod or Angry Hippie in a module. Thick, aggresive, lots of low-mids, lots of character, huge sounding. You get the picture. Got anything like this?
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    XTC Anniversary Model

    So what's up with the new XTC Anniversary model?? What's the scoop guys! Give me the details!!! :rock:
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    Jeff Hilligan

    Duh, great guy to deal with! Wouldn't hesitate to do business again! :rock: Jared
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    Angry Hippie in a Randall/Egnater Module

    Yo Dave, can you put your Angry Hippie power house mod in a Randall or Egnater Module? Holy shit that would bring the thunder!! :rock:
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    What's the Latest News on the E2?

    I've been reading threads that are waaaaaaaaaaaaay old, and found the E2 was slated for a July '08 release. What's up with the E2 now? I now Bruce won't release something until he gets it perfect, so why hasn't it been released yet? It sounds really cool though. :rock:
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    Egnater OS 1X12 Cab

    What's the price on an Egnater OS 1X12 cab with the CL80 speaker? Where can you get one? Edit: Not the Rebel 1X12 at GC, the actual USA-made oversided cab that fits the MOD50.
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    Smoking Hot Deal on Mojave Amps!

    For all you Mojave amp fans, I saw this link over at TGP: Holiday special. Buy one Mojave Peacemaker and get one Coyote Free. Limited to Serial numbers PM-0093 through PM-0098 Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! :rock:
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    Speakers for MOD50

    Hi guys, as my previous thread stated I just ordered a MOD50 (I'm stoked!) this weekend. That leaves me with picking up a cab, which leaves me to speaker choices! Was there a particular speaker the MOD50 was designed around/for? I hear that Bruce really digs Celestion Vintage 30s and that a...
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    Ordered a MOD50!!

    So after spending a week with a Bogner Shiva, I decided that if I was going to lay down this much coin for an amp, I might as well get something that's as versatile as possible lol. Soooooo what's the solution for me? Well after reading every possible thread here in the Egnater forum I could...
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    Rumor: Bogner is reissuing the Fish

    Take with a grain of salt. Posted at TGP: "By popular demand we offer this exact reissue of the Fish preamp as a onetime limited run. Please note that we will have to use all Rohs compliant parts, so in terms of exactness...
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    Got a Timmy pedal

    WHere did you get it? Is that the one with boost? I can't seem to remember what the difference is between the Tim and the Timmy...
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    Check out this guy's rig he's selling (total 80s rock fest!) Soldano Boa SLO KT66 All Mods Wet - Dry 3 Way System Soldano SLO Serial Number 001349 KT 66 - Depth Mod - Warren Haynes Mod - SRV Scoop...
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    Fulltone Robin Trower Signature OD That thing would kick ass! He's thinking about keeping production to small numbers, which sucks, but hey it's Mike Fuller and he'll do whatever the fuck he wants. :lol: :LOL: Which is cool in my book .... I just want one! (Oh and I guess I won't be...