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    Weird Question about M4 Chassis tubes

    I think my labels might be upside down. Which one is V1, and which one is V2(V10?) :doh: :doh: :doh: I'm being serious
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    FIred up my MiCA TOL100 today

    Holy shit, I forgot how great it sounds. 4 channels of bliss perfection. :rock: :rock: :rock:
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    Anybody know where I can get a 2290 fixed?

    TC will not service 2290's any more. Dave, do you have somebody in mind? thanks!!! :rock:
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    FINALLY played my Fish with a band on Saturday.

    Holy shit. Umm, yeah. wow. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: perfect.
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    URGENT: Need a pedal name for a custom Muff.

    So, VFE is building me a custom, special, Civil War Muff Clone. I could call it the Civil War, but SUF already did that. What about "Civil Muff" "Vladimir Put-in-Muff"(I'm partial b/c I vacation at Put-in-Bay) "Gorby's Muff" "The Dark Army" "Evil Empire" "Put In Muff" I need an answer like...
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    Anybody switch their Fish with two latching switches?

    I know it's confusing, and lame, but I'm getting tired of using a bunch of outboard midi switching gear to change channels on my Fish :( :aww: :aww: :aww: I just want to press a button that doesn't need any external power :(
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    Wow, so, yeah, I used it at a LOUD, instrumental, post rock, stoner type rehearsal last night. Just clean channel with muff pedals into it. I'm ALWAYS blown away by the IE4 when I come back to it. I'm pretty convinced, it might be the best overall preamp ever made.
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    unleashing the beast

    Saturday = outdoor hair metal cover gig. Going to be rocking the: M4 (T/T, SL, COD, SL2X) Roland SDE-2500 delay Rivera TBR-3 hammer 120 power amp Pair of Emperor 4x12 cabs. Should I rethink what I load the M4 with? I was planning on leaving the VX, EG34X, and EG5 at home.
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    Has anybody else gotten over pickup swapping?

    I just don't need to do it any more. I don't know. I've gotten rid of a lot of dud guitars that didn't sound good with any pickups. I mean, the Duncan '59's in my campbell don't need to be any different for my sound. The Duncan Jazz pups in my other campbell also sound perfect. I used to...
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    Barber Dirty Bomb

    I might just be in the honeymoon phase, but this is it. This is EXACTLY that for which I've been looking. It sounds like an AMP.....a fucking sick amp. What I normally don't love about other pedals Rat/rat clones --> very touchy filter control = too dark OR too fizzy Tubescreamer/TS clones...
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    I can't believe this is real. Marlins will soar!

    Thank you for this gem, Scott. :lol: :LOL: :lol: :LOL: ... lins-song/
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    So did Charvel drop the ball

    I don't get it. Is polished black and white the trademark look of somebody famous? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: I'm being serious.
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    Is this a CL steal?

    100 Watt JCM800 2x12 combo. $600
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    Ampeg G412

    Check out this Ampeg solid state 4x12 COMBO I scored on Craigslist. :rock: :rock: :rock: :lol: :LOL: :lol: :LOL: :lol: :LOL:
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    Am I alone on this? Re: JCM800's

    I haven't really played one I liked. Even at roaring volumes, they still don't have enough gain. (and that's coming from a guy who HATES modern gain monster amps) It seems the jcm800 amp tones people like are usually hot-rodded/modded in some way, or they used a boost/od/tubescreamer/etc...