Dan has passed

So sorry to hear this. I use to frequent this forum quite regularly and Dan has been here as far back as I can remember. So very sorry for your loss. He will most certainly be missed.
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My condolences to the family,, I never post much here, but read everyday, Danno always had a way of lifting people up with his humor, it is pretty easy to see he was well liked here and will be missed. Rest easy fellow Rig Talk brother. Ed
I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Dan was/is one of the best dudes ever. We would talk about gear and stupid shit that didn't matter and I loved every second of it. He was in my inner circle. That circle is small. We had not talked in a while but it didn't matter, we could catch up at any moment as if no time had passed. True friends have that ability.

He will be emensly missed. RIP my Brother. See you soon my friend.

Rottingcorpse, love you bro.
I'm very sorry to hear this. I know I dont interact with you guys much but I read this forum everyday and always enjoyed his input. He genuinely seemed like a good dude that was funny and easy going. My best to his family.
Sad day, for sure. I have instructed those involved what to do with my gear, when my time is up.
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This truly sucks. Sorry for his family and the loss to the guitar community. Dan was just a good dude from the dealings/interactions I had and more people could learn a lesson from his way of seeing/doing things. RIP DAN!!! Please guard our musical gear deliveries from above.
I havent been on here in 2 days and I just read this.
Oh wow. He was such a good guy, really one of the nicest guys. So sad to hear this. I remember him saying he was battling his illness a while now.

Huge loss to this board and community. He always had a positive take on just about everything. Special guy and this one is hard.

RIP brother
To everyone reading this post…..Please don’t go about your life assuming there will always be tomorrow. I’m sure most of you have people that were important to you at some point in your life, and for whatever reason life happened and you fell out of touch. Do hold grudges or squabble over petty things. Love your family and
friends and tell them often. Life is too short for petty bullshit and procrastination. Everyone be safe and listen to your bodies.
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Straight from Steve K’s Facebook page.