Dan has passed

Wow. Skip a day and come back to this. I'm relatively new around here (6 years, but still) and only had a few interactions directly with Dan, but always appreciated his posts. Very positive and a fun dude to talk to and be around.

Man, it seems like I've lost a fair number of old music buddies over the last few years, now that I think about it. We aren't that old yet, either!
I didn`t know him personally, only from the posts he was putting up in this forum. And everytime it was a pleasure to read them. They were either helpful or with a great sense of humor. I only can imagine what a nice guy he was in real life. RIP
Condolences to you Lyn.
Fuck, that is terrible. Seemed like a honest to goodness standup dude. On many a shitty day, I could still get a chuckle out of his humor. This is just a number of the places that will be a little emptier without him. RIP Dan