Dan has passed

That sucks!!! Such a great guy. I looked back and saw he was going to sell me a Frankenstrat back in 2020. R.I.P to another legend here on the forum. A year younger than me and just gone too soon. Take care brother 🙏
I didn't really know Dan at all, just the small interactions from the short time I've been on here. The way everyone has spoken so highly of him it makes me sad I won't have an opportunity to build a relationship the way a lot of you did. My condolences to his wife and to those who knew him; cherish those fond memories you have.
This is one Rig Talk forum post I never wanted to see. Lyn, I talked to Dan for years here. He & I saw things pretty much eye to eye. He was a straight shooter, funny, honest and did things the right way. While we never met in person, I still considered him as a friend, and someone you could trust. I'm very sorry for your loss, please accept my deepest condolences.

Jim Seavall
President - Scumback Speakers
oh no, I am so sad to see this. Dan has been an online buddy for like 15 years, going back to his infamous Mailman modded module on Randall MTS forums. Dude had a great attitude about life and always brought the smiles. I'll miss his Sat Night jam clips and all of his posts here. Damn. Deep condolences to his family