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My new baby!


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Here's my Herbert. When I bought it about 18 months ago it had a badly done recover in cheap white vinyl and a nasty beige camo sticker over the grill. So I sent the shell off to Zilla cabs to be covered to match my Fatboy they were building for me at the time

Recently traded my camo'd out Hagen for a D-Moll, as I prefer it it pretty much every way (although goddamn I'd give a testicle for a blackface D-Moll) for what my band does, and the smaller size is gonna be great for touring, as it won't be going on tour in the case. Here's a few pics of both rigs. Thinking of having the D-Moll re-covered in something uber classy.



Shame we didn't manage to get our camo'd rigs in the same room before you sold the Hagen, they'd have looked ace side by side.
James_C":11bsydz6 said:
Shame we didn't manage to get our camo'd rigs in the same room before you sold the Hagen, they'd have looked ace side by side.

Certainly would! There's always time for me to buy the Herb if McIlroy ends up punting on it though...
FGN LS10 with SD APH-2 Pickups --> Diezel Einstein 100W Ch1 Texas Mode --> Mesa 2x12 vertical slant with nicely broken in V30s :rock:

The Zilla has gone, it had Celestion Creamback H's in which were great, but i wanted a bigger cab so i got a deal on a used 1960DM Marshall. Sounds great at bedroom volume but i can't wait until Thursday to try the cab at full volume. The effects are pretty self explanatory, running it all through the MIDI/Looper (best thing i ever purchased). I am selling the Eventide Timefactor as i've replaced it with the H9. Loving this thread gents!!!


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