Guitar Tone Choices - Help Me Out!


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Hi Rig Talk - I'm doing pre-prod on my own album, and I've got a funny dilemma. I've got a VH4, Archon, 5150 and Dual Rec all at my disposal for guitar tracking. In mixing/matching the various heads and ultimately running them through my favorite combination of Jens Bogren IRs, I've found 6 different tones that I'm into.

To make a long story short, I want to roll forward w/ 1 of these as a foundational sound to work with, and I'm curious as to which 1 of the 6 this group prefers.

So, if you could, please listen to the video and take your pick.
Couple things to note:

-I mostly dig a 2000s metal tone versus a modern, djent tone.
-I reamped the DI of "Down w/ the Sickness" through my various head combinations and just threw them against a silly drum mix w/ no bass involved for the purposes of this vote. The guitar tones are not EQ'd, so don't be overly judgmental - hah.
-That said, if you find them to all be total shit, feel free to let me know. My ears might be toast, and I'd rather get it right up front versus pulling all my tricks out of my ass in the mixing process.
-Obviously, max out the quality of the video on YouTube to hear the tones as close as possible to their true form.

Here's the link to the video:

Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Yup, 6 it is I, reckon.

You want it to poke out of the mix and also convey the articulations as well as possible, and the last one does this.

#2, for example, is probably the worst at this. The individual rhythm strokes turn to mush and seem to blend into each other.