HELP ...Rocktron Midimate with TC G-Major2 the HOW TO...


Is there someone on this forum who would kindly tell me how to program my Rocktron midimate with the g-major2?
the plan is:

row 1: 0 to 5 is for patch (that's done and working)
row 2: 6 to 9 is for stompbox mode (not working)

6- chorus
7- flanger
8- phaser
9- delay

the problem is to assign CC message to the G-Major2 from the Midimate

i know it's not very complicated but i went trough the manual and trough the TC web forum without luck.

Any help would be appreciated

modulo":1rptcrmu said:
i figured it out but not from the stupid manuals
nothing from the manuall's is user friendly
I have to agree with you there, both my H&K Access and the TC G Major II (Major PITA that is) was a b*tch to get running with my MIDI controller. Manuals were no help at all.
I tinkered with it for about 2 hours before I finally got everything changing the way I wanted to (Pre Amp Channel\FX1\FX2\G Major). I would not want to have to go through that process again.